What is mesotherapy?

The word "mesotherapy" derives from mesoderm, a term that identifies the middle deep layer of the dermis where, appropriate active ingredients, are injected or veiculate transdermally (with equipment such as radiofrequency, electroporation, iontophoresis, aesthetic oxygen therapy, cavitation).

Differences between mesotherapy and virtual mesotherapy

Hence the distinction between classical mesotherapy and virtual mesotherapy:

  • Classic mesotherapy: intradermal micro injections of pharmaceutical, phytotherapeutic, and / or homeopathic active ingredients (see products for homeopathic mesotherapy);
  • Virtual mesotherapy also called "needle free mesotherapy" or transdermal delivery: appropriate devices such as radiofrequency, electroporation, iontophoresis, aesthetic oxygen therapy, cavitation promotes the penetration of the active ingredients at the cutaneous level thus avoiding pain.

Does mesotherapy work?

Mesotherapy works and have application in many fields, such as sports medicine and rehabilitation, pain therapy and angiology; however its greatest use is in treatments of aesthetic and medical aesthetic, where the injection or delivery of active ingredients is use for treatment of various imperfections, such as:

wrinkles signs of expression, spots, acne and loss of tone (face mesotherapy)
stretch marks, scars, cellulitis, localized adiposity, alopecia(body mesotherapy)

At the basis of an effective treatment, the professionist must be able to choose carefully the active ingredients to be used depending on the technique to be adopted, type of blemishes and area to be treated.

Essential is the use of active ingredients that reflect following characteristics: pure, safe, highly concentrated, without added fragrances, scientifically proven formulations at pharmaceutical grade and which can be combined to customize the treatment.

Recommended sessions and timing to reach satisfactory results

normally the professionist who performs any mesotherapy technique, after having assessed the extent of the imperfection and the patient's response to the treatment, will evaluate the number of sessions and the duration of the treatment cycle.

In general, treatment cycles of, at least, 5-8 sessions weekly or every 7-10 days are recommended.

Vials for mesotherapy and products for mesotherapy

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