Professional training courses

Derma Shop is able to train you to make the most of your profession. Tailor-made professional training courses.

Workshops and individual training days to better learn the best and innovative non-invasive rejuvenation techniques such as needling and microneedling with dermaroller, dermapen or chemical peels.

Transdermal delivery mesotherapy, classical mesotherapy, homeopathic mesotherapy, chemical peels, new non-invasive rejuvenation techniques. Effectiveness in treatments and maintenance of results: this is the focus of our courses.

Theoretical and practical modules will allow you to perform all the techniques and methods of work learned from the following day, in order to be able to add "the fundamental piece to your profession".

Courses in the program too far? Do not hesitate to contact us: we offer individual training days (also online through the skype platform), 100% customizable training courses.

Depending on your needs DERMA SHOP, HELP YOU TO GROW.