The needling to increase durability and quality of semi-permanent make-up


Pigment deposit, duration of semi-permanent make-up and yield of the actual color of the pigment used once deposited are completely variable factors depending on the type of skin and age of the treated client. To optimize the yield of semi-permanent make-up, in terms of duration and maintenance, it is necessary to prepare the skin before treatment.

The Needling technique, with Dermaroller and Dermapen, is able to treat and prepare the next pigment deposit area. Basically, the needling creates thousands of microperforations per minute aimed at the synthesis of new collagen and elastin and the release of growth factors (physiologically induced processes).

The new synthesis of collagen fibers and elastic fibers improve the structure and elasticity of the skin. Not only that: these thousands of microperforations per minute represent real channels, thanks to which the active ingredients combined with the needling treatment (sterile and specially formulated for use), will be able to penetrate deeply, optimizing the treatment in terms of results.

The type of active ingredient to be combined with Needling treatment varies according to the type of blemish to be treated:

  • Wrinkles: hyaluronic acid, DMAE, argireline and leuphasyl, trace elements;
  • Stains: vitamin c, glutathione;
  • Skin laxity, scars and stretch marks: DMAE, organic silicon, argireline and leuphasyl

For this reason Derma Shop introduce the new Needling technique as a preparatory phase for the treatment of semi-permanent make-up: by performing a cycle of Needling sessions before pigment deposition, it will benefit both in terms of results and duration.

Combining the two treatment techniques, we propose the devices Artmex: cutting-edge computer technology aimed at the semi-permanent makeup professional.

The Artmex devices allow to perform both needling treatments, by selecting the MTS treatment modality, or by semi-permanent makeup, by selecting the PMU treatment modality. Therefore, using a single device, we are able to offer a complete semi-permanent make-up service, including the skin preparation phase at the next pigment deposit.