Artmex V6 dermograph for dermopigmentation and needling



Dermograph for dermopigmentation and needling

Artmex V6

Semi-permanent make-up dermograph and needling treatments with treatment selectors, color display, 0 to 3mm adjustment, screw needles.

The kit includes: Artmex V6 model, 1 dermopigmentation and needling dermograph, 3 L1 heads + 3 12-pin needling heads, instruction manual.

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PresentationArtmex model V6, 1 dermograph for dermopigmentation and needling, 1 head L1 + 1 head R3L + 1 head F5 + 1 head for needling 12 pin
Therapeutic indicationsDermopigmentazione, needling
Application areasViso, corpo

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Dermograph for dermopigmentation and needling

Artmex V6

The device for semi-permanent make-up and needling Artmex V6 allows professionals to operate continuously and highly performing, also taking advantage of the needling technique, aimed at the preparation and improvement of the area to be treated.

Once the device is connected by cable and switched on, it will be possible to select the type of treatment to be performed using the appropriate buttons: semi-permanent make up (PMU) eyes, lips and eyebrows or needling (MTS).

After selecting the relevant area to be treated, it will then be possible to adjust the speed using the + buttons (increase the number of repetitions per minute RPM) or - (decrease the number of repetitions per minute RPM) in a speed range from 0 to 10. base the device offers preset frequencies specific to each procedure.

It is also possible to suspend the treatment and then resume it with the same methods of execution thanks to the special "pause" button.

All information and specifications set are conveniently displayed on the bright display, so that the operator can constantly monitor the performance of the device.

The handpiece is light and with a firm grip. Connectable through the appropriate cable to the display of the device, allows you to adjust the exit of the needles from the head using the ring: turning it counterclockwise, you decrease the depth of treatment, while rotating it clockwise, if it increases the depth.

It is possible to set a treatment depth (intended as needle spill length) from 0mm to 3.00mm.

The heads are hooked to the handpiece by screwing clockwise, avoiding slips or vibrations of the needles during treatment, even in the most enduring ones.

The heads are sterile and disposable, indifferently they are heads for treatments of semi-permanent make-up (PMU, white heads) and for Needling treatments (MTS, Blue heads).

In PMU mode, the handpiece must adopt the specific heads, available in different formats:

  • L1: single needle head with 0.20 mm diameter. Ideal for professionals to define lines, contours and hairs. If used with movements defined as "brush", it allows you to also make shades;
  • R3L: head with 3 needles arranged to form a triangle, with a diameter of 0.20-0.35 mm. Ideal for those who start to approach this type of treatment, allows you to define lines, contours and hairs;
  • R5: 5-needle head. Used to perform only fills;
  • F3 - F5 - F7: head with 3, 5 or 7 needles arranged in series. Used for fills, lines and hairs.

In Needling MTS treatment mode, the handpiece must adopt the specific heads available with 12 or 36 needles.


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