Carnitine vials for mesotherapy 20% anti-cellulite treatment lipolytic



Carnitine vials for mesotherapy 20%

The specific action of Carnitine is to transport fatty acids through the mitochondrial membrane where they are transformed into energy.

Box of 10 vials of 5ml.

Therapeutic indications: cellulitis and localized adiposity.

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PresentationBox of 10 ampoules of 2 ml
Therapeutic indicationsLocalized fat and cellulite
IngredientsL-carnitine 20%
Application areasAbdomen, periumbilical, buttocks, thighs, arms
Usage protocol1 or 2 vials per week for 5 or 10 sessions
Chemical and physical propertiesPhysical state: liquid - Color: transparent - Ph: 6.0
Post Treatment RecommendationsAvoid direct sun exposure on the day of treatment.

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Carnitine vials for mesotherapy 20% 

Carnitine is essential for the treatment of localized fat and lipolysis. It is present in nature in the body and is responsible for the metabolism of fats: it breaks down accumulated fats by bringing them into the mitochondria, where they will be converted into energy.

Carnitine and Acylcarnitine are involved in the creation and realignment of membrane phospholipids. According to various studies, Carnitine promotes Alpha Tocopherol in the body, a powerful fat-soluble antioxidant, thus reinforcing the protection and functions of the cell membrane.

Low levels of carnitine, at a muscular level, result in less energy.

In addition to the above described functions, Carnitine is used in anti-cellulite treatments: an alteration of the microcirculation compromises the normal function of the adipocytes which synthesize and accumulate triglycerides. Under these conditions, Carnitine normalizes the activity of adipocytes; regenerates and has a detoxifying action on the cells, restoring the normal physiological functions of the dermis.


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