DMAE sterile vials for mesotherapy



Dmae sterile vials for mesotherapy

DMAE sterile vials for mesotherapy can be used in cases of loss of tone on the face and body. As a precursor of acetylcholine, its main action is to restore tonicity to the tissues. Dimethylaminoethanol also has anti-free radical properties.

Box of 10 vials of 5ml

Therapeutic indications: Loss of tone on the face and body

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PresentationBox of 10 ampoules of 5 ml
Therapeutic indicationsLoss of tone on the face and body
IngredientsDMAE Dimethylaminoethanol Tartrate
Application areasFace, neck, décolleté, back, abdomen, periumbilical, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, arms and hands
Usage protocol1 or 2 vials per week for 5 or 10 sessions
Chemical and physical propertiesPhysical state: liquid - Color: transparent - Ph range: 6.0-7.5
Post Treatment RecommendationsAvoid direct sun exposure on the day of treatment.

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Dmae sterile vials for mesotherapy

Dimethylaminoethanol protects the bonds between collagen and elastin. DMAE or dimethylaminoethanol is a neuromediator that is used extensively in aesthetic and aesthetic medicine for its firming effects on both face and body

The firming effect of DMAE also acts as a stimulator of collagen, derived from a receptor response of fibroblasts. The DMAE also acts as an antioxidant and repairs collagen and elastin fibers from damage caused by free radicals.

Using it as an active ingredient in classical or virtual mesotherapy with transdermal vehiculation with machines such as electrophorators, radiofrequency ultrasound, etc. are observed:

  • increase in tension between the non-muscular cells of the dermis
  • increase in cohesion and displacement of keratinocytes
  • increase of hydration and elasticity of the stratum corneum,
  • increase in the supply of nutrients and defense mechanisms.

The results are long-lasting and the recommended protocol is a weekly application for at least 5 sessions, even in cocktails with other active ingredients that produce the same effect.


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